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Looking around estate agents Cardiff

I went around lots of estate agents all over Whitchurch to find a flat
I have to move from my flat and so for the last few weeks have been on a grand tour of the best Estate agents Cardiff┬áhas to offer. I wish I could say it’s been a joy but home hunting is an absolute nightmare and has been a pain from start to finish.
Once you navigate between the endless list of agents and do all the usual checks etc you then get to visit the long list of potential flats. This is where the real magic begins and you get to visit the potential flats that look fantastic in the pictures but less great when you see them in person. I am staggered that some of the ones I viewed haven’t been reported to the advertising standards authority as what you generally see is not what was advertised.

I managed to find a few and got my shortlist down to the final three and in the end it came down to the location of the flat as the one I made the final decision on was perfect for work and really close to the bay and the city centre for shopping and nights out etc. Two of them were a bit bigger but meant moving a way out of town and whilst the extra space would be good the access for work and play was the over riding factor when it came down to it.

The new place is really well decorated and its a simple move in, when I say simple it is actually going to be a logistical nightmare although I have a man in a van ready to help with the move. Its all set for next week and I went in today to organise all the paperwork and pay the bond and rent so I can pick up the keys on the 31st ready for the 1st.

The date has fallen on a testing one too as it is Melissa’s birthday the day before and we are all going out. If history does repeat itself these always end up really messy and I can’t say I am looking forward to the prospect of a move with a huge hangover. Sean the agents has said he will be there bright and early but I just hope that I can make it too. I am hoping the buzz and adrenalin of a big move will get me through the morning and I will unpack over the weekend when I feel human again.

On a positive note I have had a great experience with the guys at the lettings agency and they have been fab throughout the process and really understanding when I have had to bail for work reasons on viewing and stuff. If you are looking for a good agents in the Cardiff area I would suggest you put them on your to check out list as they have been easy to deal with and got me the place I wanted they are at

Been asked to create visual for engraved plaques

Designing engraved plaques

New engraved plaques for club

I have been asked to design and organise some new engraved plaques for the club I am a member of. I don’t normally do freebies but I know the club finances are not the greatest so its my way of helping out and doing my bit.

The committee have had a windfall with one of the members whose business makes slate engraved plaques and such the like. He offered to do them all for free to spruce the place up a bit and this king of snowballed with members coming forward to do there thing for the club.

Engraved plaques were just the start

The place is buzzing what started as a guy offering a few engraved plaques to smarten up the place soon led to other offers like me designing them and someone offered to supply tiles for the the toilets and another said he would fit them. This has gone on and become something really special and it is great to see the place getting all the attention it deserves and its really taking shape. Those who can’t supply products are offering labour etc and its working out well.

The committee have been overwhelmed by the offers for stuff and help and with everyone just doing a little bit the jobs are getting done really quickly its all been painted and new bits and bobs added and every time I go in something is new or been done to the place.

Design done for engraved plaques

I got to work on the designs and to be honest they didn’t take long at all. Once the designs were done they went in front of the club’s committee and they loved them so it was just a couple of minor tweaks and they were sent off to the chap who was going to actually make them up. He came back with the ok about the artwork and then it was just going to be a short wait until the finished engraved plaques came back to us.
It only took a couple of weeks for the plaques to come back to us we had gone for slate so they stood the test of time. Fitting them was as easy as pie too basically they needed to be screwed to the wall in two places so it was a quick drill hole and then they simply screwed to the wall.

The finished look was great and everyone was over the moon with the work that had been done the whole project will be finished now in a week’s time and someone suggested the only way of really celebrating the achievement was to have big open day to show the place off and hopefully get a few new members to join.

I have done my it now so I will be looking forward to sitting back and enjoying all the work that has been done and although I have offered to help out with the open day that is hopefully the last of the free design work and I can admire the engraved plaques that I designed for years to come.

Designs all sent to sign makers for production

Shopping centre poster issues for our sign makers

Latest project took three weeks to get done but it’s now at the sign makers

What a nightmare project I have just completed but at least on Friday I pressed the button and sent the artwork to the sign makers for production. The client is as good as gold but very particular and as it was a major project and to be fair had to be perfect there was a huge amount of going back and forth to get it spot on including working with the sign makers as they needed to fit the signage once we had finalised it all with the client.

We thought we had plenty of time to get this done nearly a month from start to finish but the complexity of the design and where it was being fitted was the biggest headache. I number of doorways, escalators and awkward shapes meant wherever I wanted to place a face of visual the space would make it difficult. After much work on rethinking the initial concept and draft we finally got the sign off late Thursday evening and all day yesterday I spent finalising it all and even meeting the sign makers to go through the project in detail prior to the fit today. They are great to work with and we get on really well so although it was a long day on site and we had a few headaches to get around by 4pm it was done and dusted and we even had time for a cheeky pint before heading home which as the sun was out was rather pleasant.

Sign makers will produce it all this weekend

The port sign makers will be on it all weekend the job needs to be completed and fitted by mid next week and so they have to print all the components over the weekend to allow drying times and room for any problems. I am off to a motorbike show on the beach but looking at the weather I am not show if the sign makers would be that jealous.

Once the signage is properly dry the sign makers will go to the shopping centre at night to fit. They have to do this sort of work at night so as not to disrupt the retail side of the business and ensure the public are not affected.

Meeting the sign makers at 10am Monday

The final culmination of 3 weeks of hard work all come together on Monday and Tuesday. I am meeting them at 10am on Monday to go through everything for one last time and check all the printed artwork panels and then Tuesday night they are up all night to get these panels fitted over the whole large site.

Once the sign makers are done the whole shopping centre will be ready for the summer season and I cannot wait to see the final look. It gives you a great sense of achievement when you walk into a place and some of your artwork is on show. Big thanks to the sign makers we work with hope you sleep well Monday night!

Looking for second hand wood burning stoves

Trying to find second hand wood burning stoves of good quality

Search for second hand wood burning stoves

Recently I decided to make some home improvements to my flat and one of my key wants was a stove, I started searching for second hand wood burning stoves on the internet. I have wanted one for ages my parents have always had wood burners and when I bought the place I always had it in my mind to get one for myself although with everything else that needed doing and the furniture I needed to buy it was down the list of priorities due to budget.

A friend suggested looking at second hand wood burning stoves

I would have probably waited a bit but then a friend of mine who I mentioned wood burners to suggested instead of buying new had I thought about second hand wood burning stoves. I have to admit I had not and the more he mentioned the more appealing the idea was to me. My parents had a woodburner that was over twenty years old and although they have replaced a few worn out bits the thing is still working as well as the day they bought it so I was not worried that a used one may break or anything.
Having been around them for years I can also do the minor repairs like glass and rope myself and so if the second hand wood burning stoves I looked at were a little damaged that was not a major problem for me as long as the price reflected it.
What I was sure about is to go for a good one as it was going to have to last and I know from experience if you buy cheap wood burners then thats exactly what you get.

Going online for second hand wood burning stoves

My search started online and I looked at some specialist websites but in the end I found eBay to be the best for choice and price. I wanted a contemporary one and ideally a Scandinavian brand as my logic tells me the colder the country the better the wood burners. If you are subject to super cold weather then a top quality woodburner is probably very high on your list of must haves for the winter months.

It did not take long to find numerous second hand wood burning stoves on eBay and I had to narrow my search to specifics to trawl through them. I needed an 8kw stove and I didn’t want a multi fuel one so thats what I started to search on. It took a few weeks to find the one for me and once I had found it I bid and won it within a few days.

I have booked in an appointment for someone to come and price up fitting it. I was going to do this myself but it will cost nearly as much to get it signed off if I do anyway so will leave it to a specialist. I would recommend looking at second hand wood burning stoves if you are win the market as there are plenty of bargains out there.

Premier League free bet no deposit required deals

Free bet no deposit required on the world cup

Free bet no deposit required on the football

I love finding free bet no deposit required offers especially when there is a big game on. Obviously the football season is over in the premier league but every four years a very special thing happens when people from all over the world come together for a festival of football. I get together with friends take a few days off work and watch as many games as possible. We all log on to get our free bets no deposit required deals and then relax to enjoy what is always a huge giggle.
This year will be no different and as its in Brazil it seems even more exciting and we are all starting to get that football fever feeling and that what if England can do the unthinkable and win the cup like in 66. That would give us all the best feeling ever even more so as I have used most of the free bet no deposit required bonuses on England and the boys coming home with a range of accolades. Don’t get me wrong a few weeks and my feet will probably firmly back on the ground but this time, this moment is still all about the “what if” thoughts and the banter with the boys about our chances not only of winning but of all the matches and the possible routes and teams we may face on route to bring home the cup back to where it belongs.

Its not hard to find free bet no deposit required offers

There are a few websites out there that offer free bet no deposit required type deals on the World Cup and finding them is very easy just type it into the search bar and a huge list will appear. I would suggest doing it sooner rather than later as you can always set up the accounts ready to get the welcome bonus added in plenty of time. There are quite a few out there and so you don’t have to limit yourself to one offer you can have as many as you like as long as you are a new customer to that provider.

As well as free bet no deposit required offers we have a sweepstake too

As well as the free bets we have taken up I also set up a world cup sweepstake that I ended up drawing Germany, Uruguay and USA so I have a very slim chance with the Germans but not a hope with the other two. Mike has gone and drawn Brazil and Argentina in the same sweepstake and although Australia was his last name out of the hat and to say he is as smug as anything with the rest of boys is an understatement.
If you are inspired then Coral have got free bet no deposit required deals on the World Cup and if Brazil or Argentina win you get your money back on all other bets you may have put on.

Parking control management is my day today

Will I have any hair left after todays parking control management brief

Today I need to crack a difficult brief for a parking control management company

It is going to be tough day creatively speaking as I have to work on a new parking control management project that I am sure will prove to be challenging. Most projects I start I have past experiences to draw from but to be honest we don’t come across many parking control management companies so I am starting from scratch with this one. Another creative outlet is also useless on this one, generally you would look at the competition but in this field there are not many and what is there is not great.

So it is a start from scratch job and all weekend its been on my mind running through possible ideas so at least this morning I can hit the ground running. I went to see the parking control management company last week and the really helpful but they are not sure what they want exactly until they see something.

The brief from the parking control management company

We met last Wednesday and they gave me the company brochure and some letters and flyers they had done previously. The brief was to create a website that was future proof and corporate with a professional feel to ensure even the public that went on to pay a fine saw a proper company with a professional feel about it and not a fly by night cowboy company like many of these parking control management companies are.
They wanted the look to be really corporate but the current logo would simply stand out a mile in its current rough state.
They showed me a couple of websites they liked and I suggested to get this done a logo refresh was needed luckily they agreed as they hated the original as it was and always felt it was not done properly and so that was added to the job list (which the account manager was happy with too!). We also discussed colours and I suggested some combinations that I felt would give them the look they wanted. I always carry a colour chart around so I can show colours working together and this worked well here as we both agreed on a dark charcoal grey and a vibrant acid colour like orange or lime. I explained I would come back with variations anyway so no need to decide for sure just yet.

Got a few ideas for parking control management project

I have a few ideas knocking around my head already especially for the logo so that will be my start for the day today. I made a few rough sketches at the weekend to give me a head start and I think with a bit of polish the parking control management company will like what I have come up with and it should work really well in the colours I have in mind and the website visual that is very roughly in my head at the moment.