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Looking around estate agents Cardiff

I went around lots of estate agents all over Whitchurch to find a flat
I have to move from my flat and so for the last few weeks have been on a grand tour of the best Estate agents Cardiff┬áhas to offer. I wish I could say it’s been a joy but home hunting is an absolute nightmare and has been a pain from start to finish.
Once you navigate between the endless list of agents and do all the usual checks etc you then get to visit the long list of potential flats. This is where the real magic begins and you get to visit the potential flats that look fantastic in the pictures but less great when you see them in person. I am staggered that some of the ones I viewed haven’t been reported to the advertising standards authority as what you generally see is not what was advertised.

I managed to find a few and got my shortlist down to the final three and in the end it came down to the location of the flat as the one I made the final decision on was perfect for work and really close to the bay and the city centre for shopping and nights out etc. Two of them were a bit bigger but meant moving a way out of town and whilst the extra space would be good the access for work and play was the over riding factor when it came down to it.

The new place is really well decorated and its a simple move in, when I say simple it is actually going to be a logistical nightmare although I have a man in a van ready to help with the move. Its all set for next week and I went in today to organise all the paperwork and pay the bond and rent so I can pick up the keys on the 31st ready for the 1st.

The date has fallen on a testing one too as it is Melissa’s birthday the day before and we are all going out. If history does repeat itself these always end up really messy and I can’t say I am looking forward to the prospect of a move with a huge hangover. Sean the agents has said he will be there bright and early but I just hope that I can make it too. I am hoping the buzz and adrenalin of a big move will get me through the morning and I will unpack over the weekend when I feel human again.

On a positive note I have had a great experience with the guys at the lettings agency and they have been fab throughout the process and really understanding when I have had to bail for work reasons on viewing and stuff. If you are looking for a good agents in the Cardiff area I would suggest you put them on your to check out list as they have been easy to deal with and got me the place I wanted they are at