Designs all sent to sign makers for production

Shopping centre poster issues for our sign makers

Latest project took three weeks to get done but it’s now at the sign makers

What a nightmare project I have just completed but at least on Friday I pressed the button and sent the artwork to the sign makers for production. The client is as good as gold but very particular and as it was a major project and to be fair had to be perfect there was a huge amount of going back and forth to get it spot on including working with the sign makers as they needed to fit the signage once we had finalised it all with the client.

We thought we had plenty of time to get this done nearly a month from start to finish but the complexity of the design and where it was being fitted was the biggest headache. I number of doorways, escalators and awkward shapes meant wherever I wanted to place a face of visual the space would make it difficult. After much work on rethinking the initial concept and draft we finally got the sign off late Thursday evening and all day yesterday I spent finalising it all and even meeting the sign makers to go through the project in detail prior to the fit today. They are great to work with and we get on really well so although it was a long day on site and we had a few headaches to get around by 4pm it was done and dusted and we even had time for a cheeky pint before heading home which as the sun was out was rather pleasant.

Sign makers will produce it all this weekend

The port sign makers will be on it all weekend the job needs to be completed and fitted by mid next week and so they have to print all the components over the weekend to allow drying times and room for any problems. I am off to a motorbike show on the beach but looking at the weather I am not show if the sign makers would be that jealous.

Once the signage is properly dry the sign makers will go to the shopping centre at night to fit. They have to do this sort of work at night so as not to disrupt the retail side of the business and ensure the public are not affected.

Meeting the sign makers at 10am Monday

The final culmination of 3 weeks of hard work all come together on Monday and Tuesday. I am meeting them at 10am on Monday to go through everything for one last time and check all the printed artwork panels and then Tuesday night they are up all night to get these panels fitted over the whole large site.

Once the sign makers are done the whole shopping centre will be ready for the summer season and I cannot wait to see the final look. It gives you a great sense of achievement when you walk into a place and some of your artwork is on show. Big thanks to the sign makers we work with hope you sleep well Monday night!

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