Parking control management is my day today

Will I have any hair left after todays parking control management brief

Today I need to crack a difficult brief for a parking control management company

It is going to be tough day creatively speaking as I have to work on a new parking control management project that I am sure will prove to be challenging. Most projects I start I have past experiences to draw from but to be honest we don’t come across many parking control management companies so I am starting from scratch with this one. Another creative outlet is also useless on this one, generally you would look at the competition but in this field there are not many and what is there is not great.

So it is a start from scratch job and all weekend its been on my mind running through possible ideas so at least this morning I can hit the ground running. I went to see the parking control management company last week and the really helpful but they are not sure what they want exactly until they see something.

The brief from the parking control management company

We met last Wednesday and they gave me the company brochure and some letters and flyers they had done previously. The brief was to create a website that was future proof and corporate with a professional feel to ensure even the public that went on to pay a fine saw a proper company with a professional feel about it and not a fly by night cowboy company like many of these parking control management companies are.
They wanted the look to be really corporate but the current logo would simply stand out a mile in its current rough state.
They showed me a couple of websites they liked and I suggested to get this done a logo refresh was needed luckily they agreed as they hated the original as it was and always felt it was not done properly and so that was added to the job list (which the account manager was happy with too!). We also discussed colours and I suggested some combinations that I felt would give them the look they wanted. I always carry a colour chart around so I can show colours working together and this worked well here as we both agreed on a dark charcoal grey and a vibrant acid colour like orange or lime. I explained I would come back with variations anyway so no need to decide for sure just yet.

Got a few ideas for parking control management project

I have a few ideas knocking around my head already especially for the logo so that will be my start for the day today. I made a few rough sketches at the weekend to give me a head start and I think with a bit of polish the parking control management company will like what I have come up with and it should work really well in the colours I have in mind and the website visual that is very roughly in my head at the moment.

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