Been asked to create visual for engraved plaques

Designing engraved plaques

New engraved plaques for club

I have been asked to design and organise some new engraved plaques for the club I am a member of. I don’t normally do freebies but I know the club finances are not the greatest so its my way of helping out and doing my bit.

The committee have had a windfall with one of the members whose business makes slate engraved plaques and such the like. He offered to do them all for free to spruce the place up a bit and this king of snowballed with members coming forward to do there thing for the club.

Engraved plaques were just the start

The place is buzzing what started as a guy offering a few engraved plaques to smarten up the place soon led to other offers like me designing them and someone offered to supply tiles for the the toilets and another said he would fit them. This has gone on and become something really special and it is great to see the place getting all the attention it deserves and its really taking shape. Those who can’t supply products are offering labour etc and its working out well.

The committee have been overwhelmed by the offers for stuff and help and with everyone just doing a little bit the jobs are getting done really quickly its all been painted and new bits and bobs added and every time I go in something is new or been done to the place.

Design done for engraved plaques

I got to work on the designs and to be honest they didn’t take long at all. Once the designs were done they went in front of the club’s committee and they loved them so it was just a couple of minor tweaks and they were sent off to the chap who was going to actually make them up. He came back with the ok about the artwork and then it was just going to be a short wait until the finished engraved plaques came back to us.
It only took a couple of weeks for the plaques to come back to us we had gone for slate so they stood the test of time. Fitting them was as easy as pie too basically they needed to be screwed to the wall in two places so it was a quick drill hole and then they simply screwed to the wall.

The finished look was great and everyone was over the moon with the work that had been done the whole project will be finished now in a week’s time and someone suggested the only way of really celebrating the achievement was to have big open day to show the place off and hopefully get a few new members to join.

I have done my it now so I will be looking forward to sitting back and enjoying all the work that has been done and although I have offered to help out with the open day that is hopefully the last of the free design work and I can admire the engraved plaques that I designed for years to come.

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