About Me

Hey Welcome to my blog

Greetings glad to you found me in amongst the vastness of the worldwide web. I hope I can entertain you and make the long search to find me worthwhile. I will be mainly spouting all the stuff that is on my mind and trying to make sense of the crazy world we live in.

For most of the week I spend my time being creative as am a graphic designer by trade. I work for a creative agency in town and this keeps me really busy and satisfies my need to create whilst at the same time paying my bills, how cool is that!

The agency is very busy and we work on so many different campaigns for so many different types of client’s it is different ever single day. I do work with a few of the clients more comprehensively and that is once too as you really get to know the business and can be really creative about your approach to solving their problems.

I love animation

One of my real passions is for animation and in my spare time I dabble with this outlet for my creative mind. One of my favourites is Manga and I take a lot of my style from this type of work. Japanese style is something I really like and later this year I will finally actual visit a country I love so much about already.

The trip to Japan is planned for September and me and my girlfriend are already very excited about the trip. As well as travel I love visiting galleries and also am a big fan of cars going to lots of motor shows throughout the year. One of my favourites in Japfest a speciality motor show for Japanese cars especially drifters.

Hope you come back soon and enjoy the blog.

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